Why Qal-Tek?

Qal-Tek considers our customers as partners, and it is our firm commitment to ensure our partners’ success. This dedication has created an expansive set of capabilities that allows us to support our clients at every level while still maintaining our small business personality.

Global Presence

Qal-Tek’s technical expertise and innovative services are available through out the entire world! With national, international, and global service platforms, Qal-Tek can help.

Customer Service and Logistics

We are not just another calibration and support company. Our Logistics and Customer Service staff use our cloud-based software to ensure your instrumentation is calibrated, leak tested, reliable, and recorded. 

Expertise and Experience

Our consultants and instructors come from a diverse background of industry, military, and governmental facilities, with decades of experience in customizing courses, safety programs, and regulatory compliance. 

Quality and Safety

As an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, our quality program ensures certified technicians are properly trained to calibrate, repair, and manage your equipment to the highest standard.

Core Services

We pride ourselves on our Customer Service, specifically in the ability to understand your needs and provide an innovative solution on time. We share your sense of urgency and respond accordingly. Our Service-oriented business model should provide you with confidence that we won’t pressure you into purchasing off-the-shelf products. We genuinely care about you and your company’s specific service needs. Our national reach also provides you with the assurance of face-to-face quality and customized, qualified, service offerings.


The proper use of equipment in your specific workspaces requires capable and knowledgeable staff to handle them. We offer full comprehensive training packages that are customizable to your team’s needs.


Our OSCaR (On-Site Calibration and Repair) trucks are on national routes delivering customized services and repairs with our proprietary logistics and management system to keep you in compliance.


Our technical expertise, unique operation experience, and strong regulatory capability allows us to support your entire regulatory and compliance requirements in a reliable and systematic platform.

Meter Management

Your safety and compliance require consistent evaluation of measurement and detection systems. Our platform is used across various industries, provides a reliable service solution, and a superior management system.

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Our Team

Casey Smith

Professional Services Director

Michael Coleman


Scott Brown

Rad/Safety Technician

Mark Balzer, CHP

Radiological Compliance Advisor