What We Do

What We Do

Offering you instrumentation, consultation, and training combined strategically for your operational success.

Our expertise in radiological and nuclear innovation has paved the way for us to advance into many proficiencies and services that meet our clients ever-increasing requirements. Our dedication to our clients needs, has expanded our offering to a wide range of instrumentation, calibration, training, and safety services that exemplify our mission.



QTA manages hundreds of thousands of assets for various markets to assist our clients with maintenance. Calibration, repair, tracking, and reporting. This includes different levels of management, from part-time to complete Management using our proprietary mEyeCal management tracking system and dedicated logistics team


Due to our close service relationships and instrumentation expertise, our team offers unbiased technical assistance when selecting trade-out or new requirement instrumentation. Our familiarity with life cycle cost, sustainability, and use, is the reason that we only represent the best manufacturers in the industry.


Our technicians are trained to calibrate over 4500 different makes and models, using on-site, delivery, and fixed facility service platforms. As an ISO 17025 accredited lab, quality, traceability and accuracy are paramount.


We offer a variety of convenient service platforms, a dedicated logistics team, and close relationships with manufacturers to ensure convenient, coordinated, and cost-effective service. We brag the fastest response in the industry.



Our team of specialists and subject matter experts have decades of experience in developing, implementing, and auditing safety and security programs in a wide variety of applications, including engineering, mining, petrochemical, oil field, military, and first responder organizations.


The Qal-Tek team offers a designed mix of technical and operational experts who develop operational, safety, security, and management procedures, with a unique understanding of the process efficiency and operating requirements to meet our client’s needs. Specifically, our team offers a valuable knowledge of compliance, quality, operations, and sustainability.


We offer support to various clients who are seeking technical expertise as it relates to: NRC and Agreement State licensing, Radiological compliance and protection; CBRN operations; HAZMAT response; Training and Exercise; Radiological and nuclear policy; and Rad, Chem, Bio, and Nuclear Instrumentation.


Qal-Tek maintains a broad scope structured license with USNRC, specific licenses with four specific agreement states, and license reciprocity in roughly 40 of the remaining 45 states. This mix of licenses and authorizations, and our teams’ expertise allow Qal-Tek to offer a wide variety of licensed radiological services, such as leak testing, material handling and management, storage, transfer, disposal, and advanced training.



Our team understands the importance of expert level evaluation of training and exercise programs to ensure sustainability and continuity in operations. Using our training and exercise experience, technical expertise, and proven training development, we deliver valuable and implementable evaluations to assist our clients in advancing their team or organization’s readiness.


Whether CBRNe or HAZMAT, the Qal-Tek team brings some of the industry’s most specialized and recognized training capabilities with a wide variety of exercise designs and delivery methods to achieve training, evaluation, and validation objectives. One of our key distinctions is our unique radiological and nuclear exercise scenarios utilizing live materials in creating realistic training scenarios and environments.


We currently offer a standard set of curriculum and development services for tailored curriculum to meet individual and organizational training objectives. Our curriculum development team consists of experts from Industry, DOD, DOE, and DHS programs and instructors with the same operational and sustainment experience. Additionally, we offer training in a variety of platforms including: virtual individual, virtual team, and in-person delivery.