Introducing Qal-Tek’s

Dosimetry Program

Qal-Tek, a great partner for your Radiation Safety program. Our radiation monitoring services provide an unparalleled dosimetry program experience.

You do noble work, and are the very people who keep others safe. We take your safety seriously. You will not find a group of better trained dosimetry service individuals than those here at Qal-Tek. This is because we value our people, and we value you. Our representatives have been given the tools and training they need so that you, our customers, receive the award winning service you deserve.


Qal-Tek is offering MyRadCare, an internet based account management service that provides you and easy, mobile friendly way to manage your dosimetry account 24 hours a day.

MyRadCare operates on a secure server and uses SSL encryption, the same security that banks and brokerages use when providing internet access, to ensure all of your online information is protected.

MyRadCare is accessible to all of our active customers and is provided completely free of charge.

Track your account balance

View, pay and print invoices and statements

View and print dose reports

Create NRC Form 5 reports in minutes

Add, delete or change wearers

Create Orders and track badge shipments

Customize badge colors by department and location

Manage badge distribution and return dates

Receive email notifications of badge shipments, unreturned badges, invoices and dose reports

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