What is Qal-Tek?
Pronounced “QUALL-TECH”


Quality Assurance Laboratories



Technical Services & Operations

Many people who know Qal-Tek for a singular service are surprised to learn that we offer a diverse set of comprehensive services and products to support all of our clients in the Construction/Engineering, Industrial/Safety, Emergency Response and Security sectors.

Our objective is to be a full-service solution for instrument sales, tracking, management, calibration, repair, technical and operational consultation, procedure development, and training and exercise delivery. We have the expertise to deliver industry standard training and highly technical CBRNE response training and exercises to the full spectrum of customers and operators from commercial, local, state, federal and military members.

For 22 years we have proven these concepts as the cornerstones of the best organizations and operations in the world.

To learn more about how Qal-Tek is the best at building these cornerstones for your operations…

Instrumentation, Consultation, Training

Innovative tools, solutions, and support
for the workforces who build a better
and more secure world.

Some of our clients

Providing the best tools and services to improve operations and safety.

Qal-Tek partner: CHS
Qal-Tek partner: Halliburton
Qal-Tek partner: ASARCO
Qal-Tek partner: WestRock
Qal-Tek Partner: DHS
Qal-Tek Partner: JPEO
Qal-Tek Partner: DOJ
Qal-Tek Partner: USMC
Qal-Tek Partner: CBIRF
Qal-Tek Partner: TXDOT
Qal-Tek Partner: STRATA
Qal-Tek Partner: Raba-Kistner
Qal-Tek partner: Terrracon


Our Resume

It is in Qal-Tek’s DNA to provide the services that are necessary for our clients to perform at their best. We do this with passion, pride, and a burning desire to deliver these services with convenience, quality, and innovation. This culture of dedication to our clients has enabled us to develop new technologies, new instrument platforms, new program and regulatory structures; as well as changing the future of instrument calibration and management. We look forward to sharing the Qal-Tek experience with you! 

Construction Engineers