Partnering with Qal-Tek Associates

Partnering with Qal-Tek Associates

Our key partnership programs.

At Qal-Tek we believe that partnering with honest, ethical, and aligned partners is one of the best pathways to success.  We prioritize partners who are interested in mutual relationships with help each organization achieve their goals. 

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Primary Services


Manufacturer/Partner Support Program

We serve as a key partner to multiple manufacturers to help them deliver high quality support and services to their customers. We offer a variety of platforms from manufacturer assisted support to direct customer service delivery. Our priority to our manufacturer partners is to ensure that their products and customers are seen known as having the best support and service network in the industry. Our multiple service platforms, deep technical and regulatory expertise, and proven training and management capabilities enable manufactures to upgrade their level of customer support instantly without extra expense. If you’re a manufacturer looking to improve your customer experience, Qal-Tek is the easy, reliable, and economical solution.


For over 25 years Qal-Tek has continued to grow in demand for our portable nuclear density gauge services. While we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and convenience, we believe that the way we treat our clients is the reason so many have trusted us all these years.

Associated Services

Partnering with Qal-Tek Associates

Partnering with Qal-Tek Associates



Partnering with Qal-Tek Associates