About Us

About Us

Qal-Tek Associates was founded in 1998 to provide radioactive material licensees with the assistance needed to comply with regulatory requirements for the safe use and control of radioactive materials. Our clients include some of the largest international and global corporations in the world as well as the small individual materials licensees and governmental groups of all sizes.

Qal-Tek’s diversified portfolio of services and products covers many markets with solutions that have been focused on meeting varied but specific needs. Qal-Tek staff of SME’s in radiological response, instrumentation, calibration, testing, and training, and offer a full-service solution unlike anyone else in the industry. Our deep-rooted culture is embodied by our staff’s relentless desire to continually innovate and improve our capabilities and better assist the great men and women who work hard to make our world better and more secure. We guarantee that your experience with Qal-Tek will change the way you evaluate true customer service. Our clients deserve the very best so they can be the best; our passion and mission is to provide them with nothing less.

Innovative tools, solutions, and support for the workforces who build a better and more secure world.

Our Team

Travis Snowder


Sales & Marketing

Jeremy Teeples


Travis Bivins

Director of Instrumentation

Casey Smith

Professional Services Director​

Joseph J. Weismann, CHP

Executive Vice President of Radiological Programs