Construction & Engineering Market

Construction & Engineering Market

Why Qal-Tek?​

Qal-Tek sees our customers as partners, and it is our commitment to ensure our partners’ success. This dedication has created an expansive set of capabilities which allows us to support our clients at every level while still maintaining our small business personality.


Our relationship with our clients goes beyond just calibration. We become partners in assuring our client’s equipment is tracked, calibrated, and reliable.


We offer the most convenient platforms in the industry with on-site pick-up and delivery, mail-in, and fixed facilities for our high-quality calibration and repair services.


As an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory with over 20 years in the industry, our team and processes are vetted to ensure quality and reliability.


Our expansive team of technical and scientific experts are able to support you with any training, consulting, and regulatory needs.

Why Qal-Tek?​

Qal-Tek works with several companies in partnership to provide you, our valued client, with the best full-service in the industry. Here are just a few…

Core Services

We pride ourselves on our Customer Service; specifically in the ability to understand your needs and provide an innovative solution in a timely manner. We share your sense of urgency and respond accordingly. Our Service-oriented business model should provide you with confidence that we won’t pressure you into purchasing off-the-shelf products. We genuinely care about you and your company’s specific service needs. Our national reach also provides you with the assurance of face-to-face quality and customized, qualified, service offerings.

Training & Exercise Development/Support

Qal-Tek offers a specialized set of courses to meet our clients regulatory and operational needs for radiological and nuclear materials management, security, and response. Our ...
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Materials Testing Equipment Calibration & Repair

Testing You Can Trust Qal-Tek is a leading provider for calibration of repair of Materials testing laboratory equipment. We currently service over 4500 different makes ...
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Portable Nuclear Density Gauge Calibration & Repair

Qal-Tek Associates is one of the largest calibration providers for Portable Nuclear Density Gauge in the United States.  Our dedication to convenience, quality and customer ...
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Radiation/ Nuclear Instrument Installation, Calibration & Repair

Qal-Tek is one of the largest and most recognized providers of radiation detection and measurement system calibration and repair services. For over 25 years, Qal-Tek ...
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Radiation Safety & Technical Support Services

Managing a radioactive materials license and the associated compliance requirements can be a daunting task no matter the size or complexity of the license. Our ...
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Radioactive Materials Management & Disposal

Qal-Tek is one of the most experienced packaging and shipping service providers in the country. Our teams transport thousands of radioactive materials shipments each year ...
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Program Management & Support Services

Our business is founded on the principle of providing the most reliable, convenient, and innovative solutions for our clients. This includes a complete offering of ...
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Meter/Instrument & Equipment Management

Calibrate Your Instruments • Calibrate Your Team • Calibrate Your Program Many people who know Qal-Tek for a singular service are surprised to learn that ...
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Partnering with Qal-Tek Associates

Our key partnership programs. Portable Nuclear Density Gauge Service Partnerships Fixed/Radiometric Density Gauge Service Partnerships Rad/Nuke Instrumentation Services Partnerships. Professional Services/Technical Support Partnership Radioactive Materials ...
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On-Site Calibration

Our OSCaR (On-Site Calibration and Repair) and Mini OSCaR trucks serve the nation, bringing Nuclear Density Gauge and Laboratory calibration and repair services to your doorstep.

Training & Exercise

We offer comprehensive training, equipment, and gauges. Our service is based on matching the right tools with the right training for the right job.

Pick-Up and delivery

Our fixed facilities in Idaho Falls, ID; Mesa, AZ, and Round Rock, TX offer a delivery and pick-up service for our calibration and repair services.


We offer a full scope of calibration services for laboratory equipment, field equipment, and nuclear density gauges on a variety of service platforms.

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On-Site Calibration and Repair

Qal-Tek’s On-Site Calibration & Repair (OSCaR) service is a complete ISO17025, A2LA accredited, nationally reaching mobile laboratory! With an autonomous annual route scheduler, 3 OSCaR trucks, along with 3 physical locations; our logistics team works efficiently with you through the whole process of scheduling, and tracking all your equipment, their calibrations, your regulatory certificates, product training, and more. When our logistics team schedules an OSCaR technician to arrive, he comes equipped with our proprietary, cloud based, calibration and tracking system known as mEyeCal. While on-site, and with the use of this database tool, he can accurately calibrate, track, and manage your equipment right there alongside your RSO/equipment manager. This flagship service minimizes your downtime, provides you ultimate convenience, and saves you time and money!

When the OSCaR vehicle comes to you, there is no need for a “transfer of custody” or a “declaration of dangerous goods” for shipping! Our OSCaR trucks and technicians are equipped and experienced to calibrate up to 6 NDG’s a day at your location, and are capable of calibrating your lab test & measurement equipment (CMT) in the same visit! Additionally, the technicians can provide on-site leak testing, area/site surveys, and can confirm and certify your gauge cases are within NRC and Type A package compliance as well as DOT regulations.

If in the event that your equipment needs to be repaired at one of our fixed facilities, our logistics team will draw up the necessary paperwork for you and the OSCaR technician. Thus making the shipping, transfer, repair, and inventory update, seamless and efficient for you!

Our company is focused on providing the most convenient service solutions in the market.

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