Materials Testing Equipment Calibration & Repair

Materials Testing Equipment Calibration & Repair

Testing You Can Trust

Qal-Tek is a leading provider for calibration of repair of Materials testing laboratory equipment. We currently service over 4500 different makes and models, using a variety of service platforms to deliver reliable, convenient and high quality services with a level of customer service and support that is uncommon to this industry.

Our platform incorporates a variety of different service platforms, as well as a free customer service and logistics management style which ensures that we deliver on time, communicate effectively and schedule our resources to meet your needs every time.

Calibration Capabilities

  • Skidmore
  • Universal test machines
  • Stopwatch/timers
  • Proctor molds
  • CBR molds
  • Marshall molds
  • Rulers
  • Straight edges
  • Unit weight buckets
  • Slump cones
  • Concrete air meters
  • Concrete roller meters
  • Water baths
  • Chart recorders
  • Data loggers for temperature
  • Resistivity boxes
  • PH meters
  • Cox and sons kneading compactor.
  • Consolidation apparatuses
  • Pneumatic consolidation apparatuses
  • Electrical mechanical consolidation apparatuses
  • Triaxial load frame
  • Marshall load frame
  • Marshall breaking head
  • Lottman breaking head.
  • Proving rings
  • Marshall hammers
  • Proctor hammers
  • Automatic Marshall hammers
  • Automatic Proctor hammers
  • Sieve shakers/ Mary Ann
  • Sieves
  • Muffle furnaces
  • Atterberg / Liquid Limit Device
  • Grooving tools
  • Sand equivalent shaker
  • Pneumatic pressure / permeability boards
  • Screen shakers
  • LA abrasion machines.
  • Micro Deval machine
  • Water baths
  • Pad cap verifications
  • Platen verifications
  • Feeler gauge
  • Freeze thaw cabinets.
  • Penetrometer
  • Tamping rods
  • Concrete rebound hammers
  • Cube molds
  • Length compactor
  • Load frames
  • Sample splitters
  • Up to 200g
  • Up to 1kg
  • Up to 5kg
  • Up to 30kg
  • Up to 225lb
  • 0 to 600 C
  • 0 to 200 C
  • 10 to 500 lbf
  • 50 to 2000 lbf
  • 2000 to 25,000 lbf
  • 10 to 500,000 lbf
  • 10 to 50,000 lbf
  • 0 to 1in
  • Pressure
  • Height
  • Rate of gyrations
  • Internal angle
  • Sheer function.
  • Gyratory molds

Primary Services


For over 25 years Qal-Tek has continued to grow in demand for our portable nuclear density gauge services. While we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and convenience, we believe that the way we treat our clients is the reason so many have trusted us all these years.

Choose Your Service Platform

OSCaR (On-Site Service and Repair)

Our complete mobile laboratory is providing and efficient and complete service capability.  Our Customer Service and Logistics team tracks each calibration, leak test and maintenance cycle and ensures that the OSCaR is onsite when needed.  These vehicles work on regional service areas and work entirely remote servicing the clients in the region. COMPLETE THIS FORM TO REQUEST OUR ONSITE SERVICE EXPERIENCE  

QRV (Quick Response Vehicle)

Our QRV is a quick response asset used to help facilitate customers with small, emergent requirements or needs between our OSCaR service visits.  This nimble platform is a more economical service platform for clients with smaller needs between 1-3 gauges or simply just need a materials testing equipment calibrated. COMPLETE THIS FORM TO EXPERIENCE THE SPEED AND RELIABILITY OF THE QRV

Associated Services

Materials Testing Equipment Calibration & Repair

Gauge/Source/Material Disposal

Qal-Tek is one of the most experienced in the industry with multiple disposal options and a volume reduction service with a spotless record.
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Handheld Radiation Meter calibration & repair

Qal-Tek is one of the largest radiation calibration labs in the country, servicing hundreds of thousands of instruments each year. Our fast turn around, ISO accrediation, free tracking and recording as well as our excellent quality program are the reason were the #1 choice for thousands of clients across the globe.
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Health Physics & Regulatory Support

We have a team of health physicists and certified health physicist who are experience in a wide variety of industries and applications.
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Meter Management Program

Our business process includes a standard level of managment, tracking, recording and scheduling with advanced levels of service available from partial support to complete comprehensive instrumentation and equipment managment.
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Portable Nuclear Gauge Services

Qal-Tek is the nation’s largest provider of portable nuclear density gauge services because of our dedication to quality, convenience, and reliability.
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Radiation Safety Program Compliance Annual Audit

Our annual audit program is designed to provide you with a regulatory compliant audit and a guarantee that your program will pass any inspection with flying colors.
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Materials Testing Equipment Calibration & Repair



Materials Testing Equipment Calibration & Repair

All of Qal-Tek’s NDG service platforms are ISO 17025 accredited and designed to handle ASTM & AASHTO Standard 3 Block calibration as well as complete repair and maintenance services. Our service vehicles and offices are fully stocked with complete parts inventories to ensure that we can complete any repair, at any time, and anywhere with the fastest turnaround in the industry.