Radiation/ Nuclear Instrument Installation, Calibration & Repair

Radiation/ Nuclear Instrument Installation, Calibration & Repair

Qal-Tek is one of the largest and most recognized providers of radiation detection and measurement system calibration and repair services. For over 25 years, Qal-Tek has set the standard for quality, turn-around and customer service. Our history hails from US Department of Energy calibration facilities, and our founders established some of the calibration standards still used today. Our method of delivering reliable, knowledgeable service with a comprehensive service management platform guarantees exceptional quality, customer service and the fastest turnaround in the industry.

Our expertise and experience, as well as our relationship with most manufacturers makes Qal-Tek a complete service partner for all radiation detection and measurement systems.

Primary Services


Handheld Radiation Meter calibration & repair

Our state-of-the-art, automated calibration range makes us one of the most efficient calibration facilities in the country. We can calibrate most handheld alpha/beta and gamma detection systems.

While all of our handheld calibrations are performed at our corporate office in Idaho Falls, Idaho, our fast turnaround and competitive pricing makes Qal-Tek the best service solution for organizations across the entire globe.

As part of our standard service, our team helps you track and manage your equipment via our online service tracking software, to ensure that your instruments are always ready when you need them.

  • Gamma Range: 0-800R/hr
  • Alpha/Beta –
  • Neutron –

We service:

  • Ludlum – SE International – Canberra
  • Troxler – DTect – Mirion
  • Fluke – Thermo Fisher – TG Technical Services
  • Most other manufacturers

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Fixed Radiation Detection Calibration & Repair

Qal-Tek maintains a deep resume of calibration and service technicians across the entire United States, making calibration and repair of fixed systems a cost effective and reliable.

Fixed detection systems can be used for a large variety of applications to protect facilities, personnel, the public and the environment from undesired radioactive materials and/or contamination. Our team is expert in most makes/models of radiation detection systems as well as most applications and missions for these instruments and systems. Our team can help ensure the equipment is properly maintained, properly utilized and is providing the level and accuracy required to perform its purpose.

  • Area/Facility Monitoring Systems
  • Contamination Control
  • Air monitoring
  • Screening Systems
  • Personnel Monitoring

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Portal/Gate Installation,Calibration & Repair

Portals and Gate monitoring systems are a crucial system to identify threats, minimize risks to personnel and to manage improper or illicit use of radioactive and nuclear materials. Our team understands each of these missions and is skilled in ensuring the systems are functioning properly and working to achieve the desired level of efficiency.

Proper calibration, maintenance and performance evaluation of these systems is crucial to ensure they are relied upon.

Having a service partner who can keep these systems running is one thing, having a service partner who understands the requirements and knows how to keep these systems running smoothly and accurately, makes all the difference in your operations.

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CAM’s & Air Sampler Calibration & Repair

The proper calibration of CAM’s and Air Sampler systems requires a highly proficient understanding of the operating environment as well as the materials being managed. Our team can help identify the proper calibration parameters that are right for your particular system and help you build a reliable monitoring system while avoiding false stop works as well as give you confidence in your system’s ability to quickly and reliably provide you with accurate information to ensure the safety of your staff and operations.

We offer both onsite calibration as well as systems evaluation to evaluate the performance of your system.

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For over 25 years Qal-Tek has continued to grow in demand for our portable nuclear density gauge services. While we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and convenience, we believe that the way we treat our clients is the reason so many have trusted us all these years.

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Radiation/ Nuclear Instrument Installation, Calibration & Repair

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Radiation/ Nuclear Instrument Installation, Calibration & Repair



Radiation/ Nuclear Instrument Installation, Calibration & Repair