Radiation Safety & Technical Support Services

Radiation Safety & Technical Support Services

Managing a radioactive materials license and the associated compliance requirements can be a daunting task no matter the size or complexity of the license. Our team is built to provide a comprehensive set of services designed to help our clients manage their regulatory and safety requirements at any level.

Whether you just need some specific support, or you need a complete service partner to help you ensure your programs compliance, we have the capability to support you at any level.

As an additional benefit to our clients who entrust us with their programs, we provide a complete NO VIOLATION GUARANTEE! We guarantee, if you entrust Qal-Tek with your program’s compliance, we guarantee your state and federal radioactive materials license audits will be pain-free, or we’ll pay for your violation and any associated costs to implement the corrective actions.
In 25 years, Qal-Tek has never had a client who trusted us with their program, experience any significant violations. We take a stake in your success!

Primary Services


Radiation Safety Program Compliance Annual Audit

An annual audit is a standard requirement for all licensees, to help them evaluate their program gaps and make improvements. Having a partner who has seen thousands of different programs and understands the regulations completely, is a great benefit to making critical operational and program decisions as well as ensuring that your program is both compliant and efficient. As part of our standard audit services, our team will provide you with a complete set of potential violations, and corrective/preventative recommendations and help you identify ways to improve safety and efficiency within your program. In addition, our team will help you track each corrective/preventative service to completion to ensure that your program is improving with each and every audit.


  • Complete Tracking and Closure of audit findings
  • Recommendations for program improvements and/or efficiencies.
  • License analysis for license structure efficiency.
  • Written final report.

Types of Licenses

NRC or Agreement State Radioactive Materials Licenses for:

  • Broadscope or Specific Scope
  • Portable Density Gauges
  • Fixed/Radiometric Gauges
  • Source Material/Processing Operations
  • Sampling & Analysis
  • Research & Development

NRC and State License Application/ Amendments

When applying for a new license or filing an amendment to an existing license, it is important to use the right structure and authorizations. While many states and the NRC use standard forms for license applications and amendments, it’s important how to properly apply in order to obtain a license that gives you the most flexibility and capability to make your operations efficient and manageable.

Our team has successfully completed hundreds of license applications and amendments, from simple flexibility improvements to complex program licenses. With over 25 years of organizational experience and relationships with nearly every state and the NRC regions, we know what it takes to properly structure and amend licenses, regardless of the size or complexity.

Contact us today for a free license/program analysis to help you understand how you can best apply or amend your license.


Program and Procedure Development

Writing a new radiation safety program from scratch, or even making improvements to your supplemental procedures can be an extremely complex and risky process if you don’t understand the requirements of your license or the applicable regulations.

We respond to numerous situations each year where a licensee failed to properly incorporate the regulations into their procedures as well as seeing numerous cases where licensees have boxed themselves into a corner, making managing operations complex and expensive.

Our team has written, revised and audited hundreds of programs and procedures and is uniquely skilled to help you improve your program.

These services are best when paired with a program audit as it usually saves time and money helping our team see the effects the program and procedure gaps are having on your operations.


Health Physics & Regulatory Support

Our team has helped hundreds of clients across the country with technical and regulatory support. Even the best programs in the world sometimes require some assistance in understanding the requirements and how to best implement them into their programs. We offer hourly, on-staff, and full-time personnel to help manage your operations and keep your program safe and compliant.

Our team consists of operations experts, health physicists (HP), certified health physicists (CHP), radiation protection experts, and certified safety professionals (CSP).

We also offer 24-hour emergency support for those immediate needs related to emergency response, notice of violation, and other such emergency response situations.


Area Surveys

Qal-Tek’s team consists of experienced health physicists, regulatory experts, and experienced operations personnel who are experts in the performance, development, and reporting of area and facility monitoring plans. Area and Facility surveys are used in a number of ways to help reduce liability, improve operations, and maintain regulatory compliance.

  • Personnel Exposure Surveys
  • Facility and Storage Surveys
  • Characterization Survey
  • Site Assessment and Management Surveys
  • Final Status Surveys
  • Decommissioning and Remediation Surveys
  • Scrap & Waste Processing Surveys


Our streamlined platform allows us to provide smooth delivery and evaluation of some of the simple management and maintenance functions associated with evaluating facilities and operations against regulatory and operational liabilities.

  • Portable gauge storage facility surveys
  • Fixed gauge facility and gauge surveys
  • License closeouts


Additionally, our staff has the capability and expertise to support large-scale characterization and final status surveys to support decontamination and remediation efforts as well as for environmental assessments.


Personnel Protection Plans

A critical part of a radioactive programs responsibilities is to ensure that they have a proper Personnel Protection Program. This is also the best way for an organization to minimize their liability and ensure the safety of their team and their operations. Our team has build hundreds of different personnel protection programs and integrated them into the safety program for licensees of every size and scope. These include a combination of training plans, survey and monitoring plans, auditing and reporting criteria to ensure that the controls are operable, reliable and that they provide the right information needed to ensure that your personnel protection plan is performing.


Part 37 Security Programs

As a requirement of high level radioactive materials, the NRC and agreement states require licensees to implement a security program consistent with the requirements of 10 CFR Part 37. This can be a daunting task for licensees when first starting a license or when adding materials which cross the threshold for these requirements. Our team has successfully implemented multiple part 37 security programs without flaw and knows how to establish a compliance program which can be managed with ease.


For over 25 years Qal-Tek has continued to grow in demand for our portable nuclear density gauge services. While we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and convenience, we believe that the way we treat our clients is the reason so many have trusted us all these years.

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Radiation Safety & Technical Support Services

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Radiation Safety & Technical Support Services

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