Radioactive Materials Management & Disposal

Radioactive Materials Management & Disposal

Qal-Tek is one of the most experienced packaging and shipping service providers in the country. Our teams transport thousands of radioactive materials shipments each year with near-perfect record. Our team is expert in radioactive materials packaging and transportation for materials of all activities and quantities, from small gauges and measurement devices to large-scale radioactive irradiators and other types of devices. Our team can help design your packaging plans or we can provide complete packaging and support solutions to facilitate your radioactive materials or waste shipments.
Additionally, Qal-Tek is one of the most recognized outlets for the disposal of radioactive materials, working with national and private disposal facilities for sealed sources and bulk waste.

Primary Services


Decay in Storage/Management Services

For those licensees with short lived isotopes as part of their waste stream, Qal-Tek offers a decay in storage program to help minimize the onsite cost of managing short-lived waste inventories. Qal-Tek is licensed to receive, store and decay short lived isotopes with less than 180 days half lives.

his program can significantly reduce disposal costs and eliminate the headache of managing your inventories onsite. Our team is expert in receiving these materials and properly managing them through their decay cycle so that they can be properly, and economically disposed of through appropriate disposal methods.


Gauge/Source/Material Disposal

Qal-Tek is one of the most experienced in the industry in disposing of radioactive devices/gauges. Many of these old systems requires experience and expertise in removing the sources to be able to dispose of these devices in a volume reduction method.

In addition, Qal-Tek works with hundreds of licensees across the country to provide used/recycled devices and sources. This allows us to offer a program substantially different than standard brokers. We offer two programs for your used gauges/devices.

Source Re-utilization Program (SRP)

This program uses a regulatory compliant gauge transfer method which allows us to bring the gauge into our inventory and offer it to other users to reuse the gauge/device or the source capsule.

This program allows you to significantly reduce your waste, minimize the new materials entering the market and helps disposal facilities maximize their volume for waste which has no outlet for reuse. Our team has a number of outlets where these devices and sources can be put to good and valuable use as a training aide, keeping aging systems operable through source reloading and reducing the cost to organizations needing additional or replacement systems, all while reducing the footprint of radiological materials in industry.

In the event that these gauges/sources/devices are not able to find a reutilization outlet, our team will reduce the volume of the gauge and system and properly dispose of it in the appropriately licensed facility.
*Not all devices and sources are able to participate in the SRP.

Volume Reduction and Consolidation (VRC)

Unlike most traditional waste brokers, Qal-Tek is licensed to provide a more efficient disposal outlet to maximize waste volumes at disposal sites and minimize the cost of disposal to licensees. Our VRC program is for all gauge/device disposal which either do not qualify for SRP or for licensees who do not wish to allow their devices to be offered for license transfer to another licensee for reuse. This program brings the device into our facility and removes the sources from their high-volume shielding and allows us to consolidate these materials into highly condensed disposal packages. This program provides the best-priced solution to the licensee disposing of the material as well as meets our ethical obligation to assist in minimizing wasted volume at the licensed disposal facilities.

Complete the Disposal Checklist here to apply for the SRP disposal outlet.


Bulk Material Disposal

Qal-Tek is licensed to assist with a variety of forms and activities of bulk waste. From contaminated equipment and materials, to NORM/TeNorm even certain forms of Source Material, our team is experienced in finding the best outlet and process for disposing of bulk low level and very low level radioactive waste.

The regulations for these types of materials, the outlets for disposal and the associated costs can vary greatly depending of the characterization, composition and associated state or federal disposal requirements Our team is expert in navigating these classifications and can help you identify the most economical and efficient disposal pathway.


For over 25 years Qal-Tek has continued to grow in demand for our portable nuclear density gauge services. While we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and convenience, we believe that the way we treat our clients is the reason so many have trusted us all these years.

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Radioactive Materials Management & Disposal

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Radioactive Materials Management & Disposal



Radioactive Materials Management & Disposal