Calibrate Your Instruments • Calibrate Your Team • Calibrate Your Program

Many people who know Qal-Tek for a singular service are surprised to learn that we offer a diverse set of comprehensive services and products to support all of our clients in the Construction/Engineering, Industrial/Safety, Emergency Response and Security divisions. Our purpose is to be a full-service solution for our clients by providing 

mEyeCal Functions.


  • Instrument management, with complete tracking, calibration and repair capabilities to ensure that our clients can trust their equipment, instruments and gauges to be reliable and accurate when and where they need it.

  • Radiation Safety and Compliance management with complete tracking of regulatory and safety program requirements supported by our team of seasoned technicians, regulatory/safety experts, and technical subject matter experts. 

  • Training Program development and management supported by a team of curriculum developers and instructors.  Our team can help develop a training program and manage its implementation to ensure your staff receive the most relevant, applicable, realistic and compliant training and exercises to test their knowledge and operational readiness.

Calibration Service Dates
Link Test Documentation
Calibration/Repair Records
Location Inventory & Tracking
Equipment Performance History
Maintenance Planning
Training Records & Certifications
New/Replacement Asset Distrobution
Training Experts
Program Support Analysis

At Qal-Tek, we have developed a standard logistics and equipment management software to provide all instrumentation, training, and program management clients with a layered level of support that matches each client’s needs. This software, mEyeCal, supported by our dedicated logistics team, tracks every customer’s service records, service cycles, service due dates, and provides different levels of service support.

What is mEyeCal?

mEyeCal is the communication software that tracks every client’s service and program requirements as defined by applicable national or international standards and/or individual client specifications. The Qal-Tek logistics and customer service team uses this to track and schedule every single service requirement to guarantee an on-time and quality delivery. Our mEyeCal service levels are designed to provide each client with the level of logistical and service tracking assistance which best suits their program. This includes the fundamental care of tracking with mEyeCal Service Lite to fully managed programs within the mEyeCal Service Elite.

What is mEyeCal?

This proprietary software platform assists in managed service tracking and communications with Qal-Tek Customer Service and Logistics and Service teams directly with our valued clients. The mEyeCal software is FREE to each and every Qal-Tek Customer and additional support to help our clients manage their programs at their facilities, is available via  mEyeCal Service Pro and mEyeCal Service Elite subscriptions.  The Pro and Elite packages are for those programs which require boots on the ground to track and monitor operations at your facility.

Calibrate your instruments • Calibrate your team • Calibrate your program

mEyeCal Service  Levels


  • Service-Due Notices
  • Next Cycle Service
  • Basic Logistics Customer Support


  • Service-Due Notices
  • Service Due Tracking
  • Service Due Scheduling
  • Next Cycle Service
  • Inspection Cycle Scheduling
  • Standard Logistics Customer Support


  • Service-Due Notices
  • Service Due Tracking
  • Service Due Scheduling
  • Next Cycle Service
  • Inspection Cycle Scheduling
  • Scalable Inventory Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Priority Logistics Customer Support
  • Optional Full-time/Exclusive Staffing
  • Unlimited mEyeCal software subscription
  • Support for Instrumentation, Training, and Program Requirements

Qal-Tek considers our customers as partners, and it is our firm commitment to ensure our partners’ success. This dedication has created an expansive set of capabilities that allows us to support our clients at every level while still maintaining our small business personality.


See what areas mEyeCal service for the Construction & Engineering division.


Calibration Tracking. Training . Pick-up & Delivery. Calibration & Repair.


Discover which areas mEyeCal services for the Emergency & Security division.


Asset Management. Training & Exercises. Consulting/Disposal. Calibration & Repair.
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Find out how mEyeCal can help in the Industrial & Safety division.


Training. Meter Management. Consulting/Disposal. Calibration & Repair.
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As a DOE laboratory we are experts in regulations. We make sure we keep you in compliance with NIST regulations and provide peace of mind so you can spend your time and energy maintaining efficiencies and growing your business.


Qal-Tek Associates is 252.01: Calibration Field Accredited, Standard

Version(s): ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Commercial code:

Commercially Available (C1)


mEyeCal is a custom designed, online instrument tracking program that provides a complete asset management system for all your instruments and devices. Since it is cloud-based, it is available anytime and anywhere you or your staff have access to the internet. The system works with all types of equipment including nuclear gauges, radiation detection instruments, materials testing laboratory equipment, or any other device where tracking is important. It conveniently keeps track of all your serial numbers, calibration dates, calibration certificates, leak test results, manuals, procedures, repair history, and other pertinent information relative to each instrument you have in your inventory.

mEyeCal Features

With these features you are sure to save time and simplify your management workload. mEyeCal is very affordable and it guarantees readiness and compliance.


Accounts are identified by you to distinguish between separate inventory work locations, departments, divisions, budget codes, or any description best fit in your situation where instrument activities occur. Users can transfer instruments between accounts.


mEyeCal organizes and tracks all activities and associated documentation for each instrument. The program tracks instruments (or devices) of any kind as long as it has a unique serial number. Importantly, mEyeCal produces calibration recall reports over any user specified timeframe so you’ll know well in advance when any instrument is coming due. Once an instrument is selected, you will have complete access to all historical calibration certificates, leak tests, repair activities, and other pertinent documentation relative to that specific instrument.


mEyeCal provides a general area where you can place any documentation not tied to a specific serial number, such as instrument manuals, procedures, licenses, etc. This tool provides a convenient general document repository that is separated from the instrument specific documents and records.

mEyeCal Benefits

Qal-Tek sees our customers as partners, and it is our commitment to ensure our partners’ success. This dedication has created an expansive set of capabilities which allows us to support our clients at every level while still maintaining our small business personality.


Tracks all your equipment regardless of the manufacturer or type.


Know your true operational costs on an instrument-by- instrument basis.


Present the status and readiness of every instrument.


Easy access to all your calibration certificates, manuals, operating procedures, warrantee paperwork, etc.