mEyeCal is a custom designed, online instrument tracking program that provides a complete asset management system for all your instruments and devices. Since it is cloud-based, it is available anytime and anywhere you or your staff have access to the internet. The system works with all types of equipment including nuclear gauges, radiation detection instruments, materials testing laboratory equipment, or any other device where tracking is important. It conveniently keeps track of all your serial numbers, calibration dates, calibration certificates, leak test results, manuals, procedures, repair history, and other pertinent information relative to each instrument you have in your inventory.


Tracks all your equipment regardless of the manufacturer or type.


Know your true operational costs on an instrument-by- instrument basis.


Present the status and readiness of every instrument.


Easy access to all your calibration certificates, manuals, operating procedures, warrantee paperwork, etc.


With these features you are sure to save time and simplify your management workload. mEyeCal is very affordable and it guarantees readiness and compliance.


Accounts are identified by you to distinguish between separate inventory work locations, departments, divisions, budget codes, or any description best fit in your situation where instrument activities occur. Users can transfer instruments between accounts.


mEyeCal organizes and tracks all activities and associated documentation for each instrument. The program tracks instruments (or devices) of any kind as long as it has a unique serial number. Importantly, mEyeCal produces calibration recall reports over any user specified timeframe so you’ll know well in advance when any instrument is coming due. Once an instrument is selected, you will have complete access to all historical calibration certificates, leak tests, repair activities, and other pertinent documentation relative to that specific instrument.


mEyeCal provides a general area where you can place any documentation not tied to a specific serial number, such as instrument manuals, procedures, licenses, etc. This tool provides a convenient general document repository that is separated from the instrument specific documents and records.

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