Area Surveys

Area Surveys

Qal-Tek’s team consists of experienced health physicists, regulatory experts, and experienced operations personnel who are experts in the performance, development, and reporting of area and facility monitoring plans. Area and Facility surveys are used in a number of ways to help reduce liability, improve operations, and maintain regulatory compliance.

  • Personnel Exposure Surveys
  • Facility and Storage Surveys
  • Characterization Survey
  • Site Assessment and Management Surveys
  • Final Status Surveys
  • Decommissioning and Remediation Surveys
  • Scrap & Waste Processing Surveys


Our streamlined platform allows us to provide smooth delivery and evaluation of some of the simple management and maintenance functions associated with evaluating facilities and operations against regulatory and operational liabilities.

  • Portable gauge storage facility surveys
  • Fixed gauge facility and gauge surveys
  • License closeouts


Additionally, our staff has the capability and expertise to support large-scale characterization and final status surveys to support decontamination and remediation efforts as well as for environmental assessments.