RAD DMA (Detect, Measure, Analyze)

RAD DMA (Detect, Measure, Analyze)

RAD DMA is Qal-Tek’s intermediate/technician level course for responses to radiological exposure hazards. Featuring our in-house developed DMA Toolkit. Covers all topics necessary to perform emergency response to a “left of boom” or pure radiation exposure hazard without any unnecessary details. The course focuses on identifying real-world hazards, making proper use of instrumentation, learning practical skills and identifying the most important actions to take in your response. World-class standards, references and tools will be introduced to the students and all material will be reinforced with hands-on functional exercises or “lanes training” with live radiological sources.

QTA recommends pairing this training with ARC and/or a Level 2 REST training to enhance the skills learned by students.


$8=900 (10-25 Students)
On-site: Classroom instruction


1 day



Course Regulations & Guidance Reference

29 CFR 1910.120, DHS Planning Guidance, DOE & IAEA response recommendations

Required Items

Professional Expectation