IAFF Approved Radiological Hazard Specialist

IAFF Approved Radiological Hazard Specialist

IAFF Approved Radiological Hazard Response Specialist Course is a 4 day course distributed into 8 hours blocks: the course begins with 3 days of classroom lecture and practical exercises to enhance learning, following by the Pro-Board Certified Exam and culminating in skill-based Radiation Event Scenario Training (REST).

Class Size: 15 Minimum, 24 Maximum

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

IN-CLASS PORTION: Radioactive Materials Specialist Training – IAFF Pro-Board Certified Training to meet NFPA 472 CH18 competencies for the HazMat Tech with a Radiological Hazard Specialty. Course takes an in-depth look at atomic theory, sources of radiation, radioactive decay, units of measurement, measuring radiation vs. contamination, biological effects of radiation, radiation hazards and radiation protection principals are included. Site selection, exclusion zone marking, exposure mapping, survey planning and conduction, contamination monitoring and exposure control. Radiation response data collection, reporting and reach back criteria will be covered. Comprehensive practical applications and hands-on exercises will reinforce training.

2018 NFPA 472 Ch. 18/2022 NFPA 470 Ch 32-33

PRACTICAL SCENARIO (REST): Radiological Hazard Response Specialist REST Lanes typically consist of the following scenarios: large source walk-up, wide area search, clandestine lab response, traffic incident and/or RDD post-blast. Level 1 Exercises, according to the DHS model are “Functional Exercises” and follow a “stations” or “lanes” approach. These exercises are focused on specific customer provided training and instrument objectives. Each Exercise can cover multiple scenarios with and without PPE. Level 2 and 3 Field Training Exercises include higher complexity scenarios requiring multiple controllers, higher source control requirements, and larger dose ranges for more representative and realistic scenarios. Generally, a Level 2 Exercise includes only members of the customer’s core response group whereas a Level 3 Exercise will include participants from multiple response partners. Scenarios can include such options as live role players, handling, and manipulation of the source materials, specific selection of scenario and design, and high dose rates. We can offer optional modifications to location and scenario scenes if the request is received within 5 business days of the training date. Modification to source material is not permitted.

29 CFR 1910.120, with material borrowed for DHS, DOE, and the IAEA




4 day




Hazmat Technician and/or basic Radiation Training Recommended

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