Fixed-Radiometric Gauge User Training | Webinar

Fixed-Radiometric Gauge User Training | Webinar

Introduction to portable radiation fundamentals including radiation theory, sources of radiation, dose limits, ALARA theory, emergency response, individual workers’ rights. The course also covers proper device maintenance, gauge identification, and source construction. Course finishes with a study overview and a question-and-answer session with emphasis on specific state and federal regulations.







Course Regulations & Guidance Reference

10CFR 19 and 20, NUREG 1556 vol 4. On request, the course can be tailored to include Agreement State regulations

Required Items

Professional Expectation

Having attended and demonstrated an understanding of the course study, a student will be awarded a certificate of completion and accomplishment as a trained radioactive gauge authorized user. Further, noted that the attendee is familiar with proper gauge operation and safety requirements. Additional on-the-job specific training (OJT) is recommended.

A refresher course is recommended at 3-year intervals.