Confined Space Rescue Technician

This is the most advanced level of training as outlined in the NFPA 1670 and 1006 standards. This course is designed for organizations and personnel responsible for confined space entry and rescue operations in a more complex environment. Personnel at this level will learn how to manage high risk, high profile confined space rescue operations, including management of local, regional and federal rescue teams, size-up and operational strategy for confined space rescue. This is an advanced level course for the serious rescuer, operating at an expert technician level. It is taught through a combination of lectures, hands-on activities, case studies and group work and requires 2 days (16 hours) and a student to instructor ratio of 12:1 with a minimum of two instructors.


$2165 (15-25 Students)
On-site: Classroom instruction and demonstration/performance


2 days


On-Site (Course hosted at ISU/DRC)
Course delivered by: L2 Defense
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Rope Rescue Technician

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