Laboratory Equipment Calibration Services

Laboratory Instrument Services

Become a partner with Qal-Tek for full service calibration and repair for your Laboratory Test Equipment.





Calibration Management

At Qal-Tek, we understand the importance of a strong relationship with a calibration and service partner to maintain quality, reliability, and ultimately, your team’s delivery of your services and mission. We don’t take this responsibility lightly.


REPAIR Services

Our repair technicians are familiar with current technology and legacy systems and the associated complexity of repairing both.

We maintain an inventory of new and used parts for legacy instrumentation to assist teams with sustainability as well as relationships with most current manufacturers for competitive pricing, availability, and quality. Our team prioritizes new OEM or equivalent parts to meet client’s requirements and deliver the highest level of quality service.

Our services are available locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally for most calibration and repair services.

Core Services

We pride ourselves on our Customer Service; specifically in the ability to understand your needs and provide an innovative solution in a timely manner. We share your sense of urgency and respond accordingly. Our Service-oriented business model should provide you with confidence that we won’t pressure you into purchasing off-the-shelf products. We genuinely care about you and your company’s specific service needs. Our national reach also provides you with the assurance of face-to-face quality and customized, qualified, service offerings.

On-Site Calibration

Our OSCaR (On-Site Calibration and Repair) and Mini OSCaR trucks serve the nation, bringing Nuclear Density Gauge and Laboratory calibration and repair services to your doorstep.

Training & Exercise

We offer comprehensive training, equipment, and gauges. Our service is based on matching the right tools with the right training for the right job.

Pick-Up and delivery

Our fixed facilities in Idaho Falls, ID; Mesa, AZ, and Round Rock, TX offer a delivery and pick-up service for our calibration and repair services.


We offer a full scope of calibration services for laboratory equipment, field equipment, and nuclear density gauges on a variety of service platforms.

Our Service & Repair Platforms

Mobile Platform: OSCaR and OSCaR Mini

Why Qal-Tek?

At Qal-Tek, we offer a diverse set of comprehensive services and products to support all of our clients in the Construction/Engineering, Industrial/Safety, Emergency Response and Security markets. Our objective is to be a full-service solution for instrument sales, tracking, management, calibration, repair, technical and operational consultation, procedure development, and training and exercise delivery. We have the expertise to deliver industry-standard training and highly technical CBRNE response training and exercises to the full spectrum of customers and operators from commercial, local, state, federal, and military members. For 22 years we have proven these concepts as the cornerstones of the best organizations and operations in the world. To learn more about how Qal-Tek is the best at building these cornerstones for your operations…


Our relationship with our clients goes beyond just calibration. We become partners in assuring our client’s equipment is tracked, calibrated, and reliable.


We offer the most convenient platforms in the industry with on-site pick-up and delivery, mail-in, and fixed facilities for our high-quality calibration and repair services.


As an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory with over 20 years in the industry, our team and processes are vetted to ensure quality and reliability.


Our expansive team of technical and scientific experts are able to support you with any training, consulting, and regulatory needs.

Contact us today! Let us improve your readiness!

What is mEyeCal?

At Qal-Tek, we have developed a standard logistics and equipment management software to provide all instrumentation, training, and program management clients with a layered level of support that matches each client’s needs. This software, mEyeCal, supported by our dedicated logistics team, tracks every customer’s service records, service cycles, service due dates, and provides different levels of service support.