TENORM Shipper/Transporter

TENORM Shipper/Transporter

This course is an examination of radiation fundamentals, including radiation theory, sources of radiation, detector theory, dose limits and models, ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable), emergency response, workers’ rights, types of NORM and TENORM. This is a full training of DOT requirements regarding TENORM.



$495 (CS0061)


8 Hours




TENORM Awareness (CS0067)

Course Regulations & Guidance Reference

10CFR 19 and 20, DOT 49CFR, North Dakota Administrative code 33-10-23 approved course.

Required Items

Professional Expectation

After taking this course, the students will receive a certificate for TENORM Shipper/Transporter Training.

DOT Refresher courses for ground shipping is required every 3 years.

Course Dates

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