Advanced Radiation Contamination (ARC)

The course features an in-depth discussion about radiological contamination and decontamination procedures will be followed by a realistic demonstration and performance utilizing live radiological contamination. Students will practice finding, sampling and measuring contamination as well as locating on-spots and performing decontamination of a variety of objects, including a human analog. Other topics will cover best practices in handling contaminated objects, practicing contamination avoidance and contamination control, setting up and establishing a decontamination line, performing decontamination on varying objects, and how to control the accumulation of contaminated materials at the Decon line.





8 hours




Course Regulations & Guidance Reference

DHS Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation, DHS Radiological Dispersal Device Response Guidance, Industry best practices, Qal-Tek procedures.

Required Items

Professional Expectation

Course Dates

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