Our Brand

The History of Our Logo


Initially founded as Alpha Group – Idaho (Alpha Idaho), the company was founded to serve a singular purpose of radiological instrumentation repair and calibration.


Qal-Tek’s expertise in instrumentation had expanded in response to the impacts of 9-11 and had carried our brand and traditions into the First Responder, Construction, Military, and Industrial markets. Our brand transitioned to reflect the wide range of radiological services and markets we serviced.


Qal-Tek’s expansive and unique capabilities began to transform into individual divisions within the company, with unique market requirements for each of our clients’ applications. The brand transitioned to reflect Qal-Tek’s historical capabilities of applying expertise to our client’s specific worlds of operation.


Historically, Qal-Tek’s reputation and expertise have revolved largely around radiological and nuclear capabilities. Qal-Tek’s culture of innovation has paved the way for the advancement of new capabilities to meet increasing demands in the radiological and nuclear space, and provide our clientele with a wide range of instrumentation, training, and safety solutions. Continuing on our trend of innovation, this new brand represents Qal-Tek’s expanded service offering and mission to provide innovative solutions to those building a better and more secure world.

Our brand identity has been developed to honor our history; match our current vision, mission and values; and project us to a solid future. This is how we live our lives. As we enter the next evolution of Qal-Tek, our brand has been updated to reflect our passion and drive to provide you with the best service so that you can be the best.

Introducing, our new brand!

There is power in simplicity. Our new logo needed to represent the history that made us who we are today but move us into the next chapter. We have moved from a complex visual identity in the past to something simple that represents clean solutions through innovation.

Our Colors

Our brand was built to cater to the First Responder, Construction, Military, and Industrial markets from our very beginning; and as it transitions to continue to reflect the wide range of calibration, service, and sales for radiological, chemical, and gas detection products; this color set is paying homage to our history while paving the way towards a future of excellence in continuity, service, solutions, and innovation.

Our primary corporate colors are two blue tones. A variation of a Navy Blue and a Teal/Cyan with a yellow accent color that is used sparingly. We also represent 3 additional colors that are specific to each of the 3 industries that we work in. Construction & Engineering Division with Orange. Industrial & Safety Division with Green. And lastly, Emergency & Security Division with a High Visual Red.

Our Divisions

Qal-Tek operates with 3 divisions that support 3 different industries. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide innovative solutions across such a wide array of professional venues. Below are the logos that represent each division: Construction & Engineering, Industrial & Safety, and Emergency & Security

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