Annual Radiation Safety Audit

Ensuring the safety and compliance of your radiation safety program is not only a regulatory requirement but a vital responsibility for protecting your employees and the public. At Qal-Tek, we specialize in Annual Radiation Safety Program Audits, designed to help you maintain the highest standards of radiation safety while ensuring compliance with 10 CFR 20.1101 regulations and other applicable Nuclear Regulatory Commission and US DOT regulations.

The Importance of Annual Radiation Safety Program Audits

Annual radiation safety program audits are essential for several key reasons:

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory mandates, such as 10 CFR 20.1101, require annual audits to verify compliance with NRC and US DOT regulations, as well as the terms of your license.

Radiation Dose Management

Audits also focus on ensuring that occupational doses and doses to the public are maintained at ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) levels.

Performance-Based Reviews

Our audits go beyond paperwork by observing work in progress, interviewing staff, and spot-checking required records, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of your radiation safety program.

Record Keeping

Compliance with 10 CFR 20.2103(a) requires maintaining and retaining audit records for three years.

The Benefits of Qal-Tek's Annual Radiation Safety Program Audits

Compliance Assurance

Our audits provide assurance that your radiation safety program meets all regulatory requirements.

Enhanced Safety

By identifying areas for improvement, we help enhance the safety of your operations and reduce radiation exposure.

Training Opportunities

Our audits serve as valuable training opportunities for both new Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and those juggling multiple responsibilities.

Why Choose Qal-Tek for Annual Radiation Safety Program Audits

  • Unbiased and Comprehensive: Our audits offer a completely unbiased and comprehensive review of your radiation safety program, often uncovering areas for improvement.
  • Experienced Experts: We bring extensive experience in the industry to the table, allowing us to pinpoint typical problems and recommend necessary corrections or adjustments.
  • Regulatory Guidelines: Our thorough inspection follows NUREG 1556 guidelines, ensuring all aspects of your program are adequately addressed.
  • Detailed Audit Report: Following our review, we provide you with a detailed audit report that highlights each regulatory requirement you must comply with.
  • Corrective Action Support: We include a corrective action form for any potential non-compliance findings, helping you take immediate steps toward improvement.

Annual Radiation Safety Program Audits are not just a regulatory requirement; they are a crucial step in ensuring the safety of your workforce and the public. Qal-Tek’s expertise and commitment to comprehensive reviews can help you identify and address any potential issues, keeping your radiation safety program in top shape. Schedule an audit with us today and enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your radiation safety program is in compliance and protecting those it serves.

Maintain the highest standards of radiation safety and compliance with Qal-Tek’s Annual Radiation Safety Program Audits. Contact us today to schedule an audit or discuss how our experienced experts can support your radiation safety program.

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